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Why Automate?

Modern manufacturing machinery

improves your production efficiency and profitability.

We make all the machinery that you need to win.


Production Machinery

Manual, repetitive  tasks can be automated to produce your product safely, cost effectively, quickly and consistently.

We deliver bespoke production machinery that gives you an advantage over your competitors.


Parts Feeders

Improve your production by minimising labour and ensuring consistency.

We can sort, orient and present parts into your production line.



CNC Machinery

Custom CNC machinery is a great solution to high mix manufacturing problems.

One machine is easily swapped between similar parts, saving costs and changeover time.

Cutting, bending, welding, winding, coating, gluing - we can do it all!


Why work with us?

We understand how to help our customers get the most out of their businesses.

With over a decade of experience in broad systems engineering, we have the in-house expertise to take you from a manufacturing problem through to an efficient solution that is up and running in your factory, adding to your business' bottom line.


What do our customers say?

Viking Machinery have saved the day for us many times at NZ Insulators. Their expertise and skills that span mechanical and electrical make automation seem easy, when it really isn't!
I highly recommend Viking Machinery for your machinery and automation projects.

Brian Stephens

New Zealand Insulators

We were able to leverage their experience to come up with a solution that was simple, clever and cost effective. We will certainly be dealing with Viking in the future and would advise others to do the same if they would like their problems to be solved permanently and professionally.

Raglan Food Company

Awesome CNC solutions to help automate production processes. Professional workmanship from design all the way to product delivery. Highly recommended.

Allan Warwick

Stanbury Electrical Engineering

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